K & S Ventures


We offer a wide range of HVAC and Building Management Services


Energy Management

We provide and design energy management and conservation services to help businesses strengthen their bottom line. We are committed to helping our customers make real and lasting conservation improvements that minimize energy usage and reduce power consumption. We also offer a wide variety of products and services — from new fully-automated web-based Building Management Systems or recommissioning of current systems to light fixture upgrades and retrofits.

Temperature Controls

K & S Ventures, Inc. designs, installs and maintains temperature control systems for commercial and light-industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems.
A properly maintained and programmed temperature control system can tightly control the temperature of the air or water at specific set points. This decreases the amount of energy needed to sustain comfort levels, and in return, reduces energy costs.

Temperature Control solutions include:

  • Building Management System (BMS) assessment

  • Control System Design and Optimization

  • Custom Design and Installation

  • Integration of previously installed Building Management Systems

  • Commissioning

  • Owner training

  • Remote troubleshooting, monitoring and adjustments

  • Equipment retrofitting

  • Hosted Building Management Solutions


  • Customer Comfort: Large temperature swings in the occupied space are eliminated.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Mechanical wear on system and equipment are reduced.

  • Troubleshooting: Specific problems throughout the temperature control system are identified.

Building Management System

Building Management Systems require constant monitoring and adjustment to be effective. K & S Ventures, Inc. has the staff and resources to maximize your building's energy management system. Our staff can adjust system run times to provide our customers with the proper working environment for their facility. At the same time, we can reduce some equipment run times by as much as 57% with no impact to customer comfort.

With our Building Management Server and your internet capabilities, we can monitor your facility and collect and store data such as zone temperatures and electrical meter data. This allows our staff to see how your facilities are running and to troubleshoot many issues before a service technician is dispatched.

The Building Management Server allows us to divide buildings into smaller zones and run only the equipment that is needed for a particular area. It also allows us to login, adjust schedules and set temperature points remotely, providing you with greater service.  For your total protection, K & S Ventures, Inc. maintains a facility backup and disaster plan in the event of a system failure.

Our Building Management Server allows us the technology to push your building management system into the future.

Building Commissioning

K & S Ventures, Inc. can assess and reprogram your current temperature control system. When properly maintained, programmed and utilized, we can tightly control the temperature of the air or water at specific set points, and the amount and times of light illumination throughout your building. This will lead to a decreased amount of energy needed to sustain comfort levels, and in return, will reduce energy costs.

K & S Ventures, Inc. Commissioning Services  include:

  • Surveying and making sure current equipment is functional and running properly.

  • Optimizing the current Building Management System by programming run times based upon your input and experience.

  • Once the Building Management System is operating smoothly,  we then apply customized programming based on our expertise to the controls and sequences. Our goal is to maximize your energy savings without disrupting your environment.


Mechanical Contracting

K & S Ventures, Inc.  is your single source solution for mechanical contracting services.  We offer full HVAC services, plumbing, sheet metal duct work, and service & preventive maintenance contracts.  We employ some of the brightest technicians in the industry and offer on-site consultation and advanced HVAC troubleshooting. It’s what we do best. With over twenty years of experience,  K & S  Ventures, Inc. delivers unparalleled expertise. We provide optimal results for all of your mechanical contracting needs — from initial design to service and maintenance.

hvac services

K & S Ventures, Inc. has experienced Service Technicians that can handle any of your Commercial and Light Industrial HVAC maintenance, service, repair and installation needs.

We are committed to excellence, quality workmanship and the most dependable products to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

K & S Ventures, Inc. offers:

  • 24-hour emergency service

  • Experienced service technicians & installers

  • Full service agreements

  • Custom preventive maintenance

  • HVAC Commissioning

  • CSD-1 boiler inspections

Preventive Maintenance

K & S Ventures, Inc. will evaluate existing equipment and building needs.  We will then customize a program that will maximize the life span of your equipment and reduce long term operational costs and expenses.

A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe, productive environment. Benefits of a customized Preventive Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Fewer service calls

  • Extended life expectancy of equipment

  • Increased efficiency and performance of systems controls

  • Less interruption for occupants of the facility

  • 24-hour access to our services

  • Routine annual, quarterly or monthly inspections as agreed

  • Daily pool checks

  • Ability to budget more effectively

It all adds up to more efficient, effective and reliable service to maintain your HVAC systems and buildings.
Preventative Maintenance is not an OPTION
It's a MUST for efficiency and long-term savings.

Hvac training & consulting

K & S Ventures, Inc. can work with and train your experienced mechanics, contractors and facilities maintenance workers. This expands their knowledge and improves skills in the installation, repair and service of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.  Important preventive maintenance procedures will be taught as well as fundamental theory on HVAC systems and how they work.

Custom training is available and can include but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Ventilation

  • Pipe fitting

  • Refrigeration

  • Air Distribution

  • Temperature Controls

  • Print reading

  • Electric Circuits

  • Motors

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Building Management System


Electrical Contracting

Our licensed and experienced electricians can also provide the following services:

Lighting upgrades relamping & retrofits

K & S Ventures, Inc. is your source for quality lighting service.  We service all of your exterior and interior lighting applications, whatever the size may be.  Our goal is to achieve maximum energy conservation without any noticeable change in the way you do business. Energy efficient lighting will save you money on your monthly energy bills. We offer repairs, re-lamps, new installations, retrofits and upgrades for all types of lighting and any size business.

High Intensity Lighting: High Bay Light Fixtures are ideal for general purpose lighting in areas such as warehouse facilities, assembly areas, gyms, hangars, transportation garages, loading and staging areas. Suitable for indoor applications where ceiling height exceeds 15 feet.
Upgrades and  Retrofits: For maximum energy efficiency, let us relamp, retrofit or upgrade your lighting.  Typically the return on investment is less than two years and currently there are several tax credits available for businesses that convert to energy-efficient lighting, making the ROI even quicker.
Emergency and Exit Lighting: We carry a complete line of Emergency and Exit lighting and can repair, replace or install at your site. We also carry the new LED Exit signs that use 75% less energy and pay for themselves within a years time.

Backup generator

Losing power for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue to your business. Security systems go down, refrigerated goods spoil, customers are turned away. Generac revolutionized the commercial generator market with the first standby generators powerful enough to back your entire business without the cost of expensive configured systems. Keep your business open with a competitive advantage. Also ideal for large residential needs.

What can automatic backup power provide your business in a power outage?

  • Keep your security system powered - protect your business from theft during a power outage.

  • Insure against the cost of lost refrigerated goods - refrigerators and freezers never lose power.

  • Keep your customers - your doors stay open to serve their needs in an emergency.

  • Gain a competitive advantage - if your competitors are closed their customers will come to you.

  • Safety for the community - schools, churches and municipal buildings can provide safety in an emergency.

high lighting area

K & S Ventures, Inc.  specializes in the maintenance and repair of all commercial exterior illumination systems.  We have the specialized equipment, licensed electricians, and technical expertise to handle all of your lighting needs whether it is a single light or an entire parking lot covering acres.  Our typical customers are commercial property owners and managers, school districts and other government agencies.

Keep your property illuminated to:

  • Offer safety for customers and employees

  • Discourage theft and vandalism

  • Enhance image

  • Reduce insurance costs


Building Services

The experienced staff at K & S Ventures, Inc. includes mechanical contractors, licensed builders, certified pool operators, electricians and plumbers... all available to help with your building maintenance and facility needs.

General Services

Our on-staff electrician is able to support all general facility's electrical needs. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Lighting upgrades

  • Ballast replacement

  • Outlet and switch replacement

  • Security cameras

  • Data communication lines

  • Parking lot lights

  • Scoreboards

  • Athletic field lights

  • Video projectors

  • General electrical service

  • Exit and emergency lighting

Building maintenance

Our entire staff is capable of handling all the facility's general maintenance needs which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bleacher and scoreboard repairs

  • Gym curtain and basketball net repairs

  • Minor fence and sidewalk repairs

  • Minor playground equipment repair and removal

  • Door repair

Our builder is available to make renovations or improvements to existing facilities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Classrooms

  • Locker rooms

  • Buildings

  • Concession stands

  • Pole barns

  • Salt bins

Pool & HVAC Maintenance

We have multiple on-staff certified pool operators that are available, within the state required 30 minutes, of your public swimming pools.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pool pumps and filter systems

  • Backwashing of filter

  • Chemical feeders

  • Water chemistry

  • Thorough understanding of pool rules and regulations

  • Hot water heat exchangers

  • Boilers and hot water heaters

  • Pool HVAC equipment